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Abree Wong
Assistant Counsellor

Master of Social Sciences (Professional Counselling)

(Swinburne University)

Abree graduated with a Master's degree in Professional Counselling in 2009 and served with MOE for few years. She counselled students to overcome performance anxiety and self-destructive behaviours and helped them improve relationships with

peers and family. She took a break from counselling for several years for family reasons. During her break from professional counselling, Abree continues to be a people helper through voluntary work while running health care and import-export businesses.

Abree is a Master NLP Practitioner, a certified adult educator and a workshop facilitator. As an eclectic counsellor, she incorporates different counselling approaches and NLP techniques into her therapy work to help clients go deep into their subconscious to identify core beliefs and values to affect long-lasting healthy transformational changes.

While she counsels people of all ages, Abree has a unique passion for helping people who are struggling with relationship issues, undergoing a divorce, job challenges. A single mother to a confident and joyful teenage son, Abree enjoys swimming, cycling, reading, researching current affairs and volunteering with her

church and homeless dog welfare groups.

Therapeutic Approaches:

CBT, Choice Theory, Gestalt, TA, Emotion-Focused Therapy Tapping


Weekday evenings, Sunday afternoons

Consultation fee: Please refer to

Language: English, Mandarin

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