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Are You In Need of Addiction Counseling in Singapore?

Addiction is a complex condition which manifested by compulsion to an activity to the point that it affect the person’s daily lives. Addictions is categories in 2 broad categories


Process Addictions

People living with behavioural addictions have difficulty to stop engaging in the behaviour despite its negative consequences. Process addictions may include, but not limited to Pornography, sex, food, internet and gambling addiction.


Substance-Abused Addictions

Substance abuse refers to the inappropriate and harmful use of any substance, which include, but not limited to drugs, and alcohol. It may also include prescription drugs, when it is taken in inappropriate ways.


If your addiction is affecting you, or your family, and has affected you from living life to your true potential, come to Restoring Peace Counselling and Consultancy for addiction counseling in Singapore today and get the help that you need to overcome your addiction.

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