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ABOUT Art Therapy

We know that it can sometimes be hard to talk about our struggles. Art Therapy provides a safe space to explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences in therapy without having to find the 'right' words.


You do not need to be good at art to use Art Therapy, as long as you are open to using art materials to express yourself. Although sessions can be enjoyable, it will not be an art class, nor will your artwork be interpreted or diagnosed. Instead, the trained Art Therapist will work with you to explore and process what is happening inside you, with the help of your artwork.

How Does Art Therapy Help?

Art Therapy uses a range of art materials, such as (but not limited to) paint, collage or clay, which provides a safe space for you to explore your challenges.


The Art Therapy sessions are flexible, and can be modified to meet different individual's needs and goals. 


Some examples of how it can be effective are:

  • Reflecting on your past or memories that are difficult to speak about

  • Creating images that help you talk more about your feelings

  • Making greater sense of your world or emotional conflicts

  • Fostering self-awareness and personal growth

  • Aiding developmental growth (such as fine motor skills)

Who will benefit from the Art Therapy?

Art Therapy can be used with a wide range of ages and conditions, as long as you are open to using art materials to express yourself. No previous experience or skill in art-making is required.


Art Therapy can be especially beneficial for people who have difficulty expressing their thoughts, feelings, or experiences. Art Therapy is also helpful for people with learning or physical disabilities, life-limiting conditions, neurological conditions and physical illnesses. Youth often find art therapy helpful to help them explore and express their emotions.