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Borderline Personality Disorder

What is it?

People with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) struggle with maintaining lasting loving relationships because they have difficulty managing emotions and behaviors. They suffer from mood swings, impulsiveness and anger that can push the ones they love away even though they have anxiety about the thought of being alone and an intense fear of being abandoned. Those with BPD also suffer from self-image issues and because they are unsure of their role in the world, their opinions, goals, interests and values can change often. 



  • History of unstable and intense relationships (e.g. trusting someone as a friend one day and suddenly viewing them as an enemy or traitor the next)

  • An intense fear of being abandoned and going to extreme measures to avoid it from happening (e.g. cutting off people suddenly or having suicidal/self-injurious thoughts or threats to avoid being separated)

  • Feeling of emptiness

  • Lots of changes in self-identity or self-image that involves frequent change in opinions, goals, interests and values 

  • Engaging in risky and impulsive behaviors (e.g. gambling, unsafe sex, spending money excessively, drug abuse, reckless driving)

  • Explosive and intense anger episodes even over small things

  • Mood swings that can last up to a few days 



Psychotherapy is the main treatment for those with BPD. Working together with a psychologist or a counselor can help us better learn how to manage our emotions more effectively and teach us healthier ways to make and maintain relationships. In more extreme cases, medication can be given to treat other aspects of BPD, such as intense mood swings.