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Counselling for Depression


Understanding Depression

People who are facing tough personal issues, unemployment or relationships may feel depressed.


Symptoms of depressions include:

  • Tiredness and lack of energy

  • Frequent sadness, emptiness and hopelessness

  • Loss of interest in daily activities and activities you used to enjoy

  • Low self-esteem and hatred towards self

  • Irritability or excessive anger

  • Decreased activity, effectiveness and productivity

  • Feelings of guilt and worries over the past

  • Poor appetite or overeating

  • Difficulties in falling asleep, staying asleep, nightmares.


While people may experience the above symptoms sometimes, if it persists for more than a month, than it is important to professional counselling to understand the root cause, process the issues and regain control of your life.

Please contact Restoring Peace and Counselling for discussion about your situation and explore possible help.

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