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Trauma-focused counselling & psychotherapy

Our aim is to assist our client to recognize and understand how the traumatic experience impacts his or her mental, behavioural, emotional, physical, and social well-being. 


At Restoring Peace, our counsellors work with our client to process their traumatic experience through the integration of trauma-focused approach. We make a comprehensive assessment of our client's presenting issue, identify the significant events, pattern, symptoms and the impacts of trauma in our client’s life.  We then present it our assessment and recommendations to our clients to set counselling goals.


We help our client to identify their coping mechanism, help them strengthen positive coping and negative coping. We also guide our clients with helpful resources and techniques while we work with them to heal from their traumatic experiences.


Our objective is to help our clients to heal from their past attachment and emotional injuries, learn new approaches that will lead to a renewed sense of self. We do not promise quick remedy, but we promise to do our best for our clients.


We are mindful that our clients may have experienced extreme hurts or/and abused. Therefore, at Restoring Peace, we take seriously the importance of giving our clients a sense of safety for them to process their issues during the counselling and therapy sessions. We promised to treat our clients with respect and dignity, regardless of their race, spiritual orientation and family background.

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