Counselling or Psychotherapy?

Counselling or/ and Psychotherapy?

Do you wonder if you should seek counselling or psychotherapy? Counselling is often present and future-oriented, while psychotherapy includes processing your childhood experience. People seek counselling for specific issues and seek psychotherapy to explore past experiences that might contribute to present-day problems. Psychotherapists are either counsellors or psychologists with many years of experience and have received training beyond talk therapy.


Trauma therapists are simply counsellors or psychotherapists who have attended trauma-related training. For your psychological and emotional safety during the trauma processing, it is good to verify that the trauma therapist is also an experienced counsellor or psychotherapist and registered with a recognised institution. The Singapore Association of Counselling (SAC) is the professional body representing counsellors and psychotherapists. Those who are Registered Counsellors with SAC have a minimum of at least two years of experience with a minimum of 60 supervision hours. Those who are a supervisor with SAC have at least five years of experience. The Psychological Society (SPS) is the organisation that promotes the practice of psychology in Singapore. Those who seek specific therapy like EMDR may verify if the EMDR therapist is a member of an EMDR institute.


Therapy means a treatment intended to relieve or heal. Therapy can be brief or long term (psychotherapy). Brief therapy is merely short-term counselling for "quick-fix" without exploring the underlying issues. Brief therapy can be just one session of counselling to process decision making. For other issues, we recommended a minimum of 8 sessions of counselling to develop a therapeutic relationship, process insights adequately, increase awareness and develop strategies to achieve goals.

Sometimes, you may present an issue that may seem to require short-term counselling. However, after several sessions, it is discovered that the current challenges manifest more profound underlying difficulties from childhood. The counsellor may propose that you seek psychotherapy. It is up to you if you would like to proceed to address the more profound, underlying challenges.

At Restoring Peace, we provide various therapy services, from brief therapy to psychotherapy, to help you with your challenges.