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Other Counselling Issues

Decision Making

Decision making is an on-going process in everyday life. However, there are times when it is helpful to have someone to process with you that important decision that may change you or your loved one’s life.


At Restoring Peace, we offer decision making counselling services to help you to ascertain the issues, a process that important decision, and come up with a solution that is beneficial to you and/or your loved one.


“The only constant in life is the change”. Heraclitus.


Life is full of change: Whether it is a simple change in the weather or a life transitional change. The change affects people and different people deal with change differently.

There are times when adjusting to change caused anxiety. We may experience adjustment anxiety even in seemingly positive life transitions, like being newly married, a new parent, getting older or moving into another country. Change tends to cause some stress and sometimes, loneliness.


At Restoring Peace, we offer counselling services for adjustment anxiety to help you cope with the changes in your life.

Fear and phobia

Fear act as a defence against any perceived threat. It alert us against the impending danger and warned to stay away from that seemingly dangerous situation.

However, phobia hinders us from being able to live an ordinary life.


At Restoring Peace, we provide counselling services to help you to overcome phobia against memories, heights, exams, a job interview, presentation and public speaking.

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