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Coping with your parents divorce

News of parents getting a divorce has an impact on children regardless of their age. It is a misconception that divorce only impacts young children, and adults are less affected. However, divorce may significantly impact children irrespective of age and stages of life.

The reason for divorce varies. Commonly cited reasons include a lack of compatibility and irreconcilable differences regarding values, parenting styles, or goals. The difference leads to constant conflict, sometimes leading to the decision to go separate ways or divorce. Other reasons that lead to divorce include Intense and frequent fighting, lack of physical or emotional intimacy, infidelity, abuse, or addiction.

You may experience intense emotions as you support your parents through their divorce. It is even more challenging if you find yourself caught in their conflict. You may experience shock, sadness, confusion and maybe even anger. You may also experience increased stress levels as you journey with your parents through their divorce while coping with your life challenges.

While most people experience shock and sadness that their parents are divorcing. Others experience relief that the divorce is taking place. Children who witness prolonged and frequent parental arguments, family violence and addictions may experience comfort because the divorce means the fighting will stop. There might be peace at home.

Whether the divorce brings pain or relief, it is essential to recognize that your emotional response to divorce is valid. During this transition, relying on your support systems, such as grandparents, relatives, or close friends, help to ease the pain.

Divorce can be a very isolating experience, and communicating with others about how you feel may bring relief. You may also seek professional help to process your grief and conflicting emotions.

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