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We need someone to journey with us

A friend forwarded it to me. I found the conversation affirm the need to validate our feelings and reach out for help when we are down.

Conversation between Pooh and Piglet,

Pooh woke up that morning, and, for reasons that he didn't entirely understand, couldn't stop the tears from coming. He sat there in bed, his little body shaking, and he cried, and cried, and cried.

Amidst his sobs, the phone rang. It was Piglet.

"Oh Piglet," said Pooh, between sobs, in response to his friend's gentle enquiry as to how he was doing. "I feel so sad. So, so sad, almost like I might not ever be happy again. And I know that I shouldn't be feeling like this. I know some people might be worse off than me, so I have no right to be crying, with my lovely house, lovely garden, and the lovely woods all around me. But oh, Piglet: I am just so Sad."

Piglet was silent for a while, as Pooh's ragged sobbing filled the space between them. Then, as the sobs turned to gasps, he said, kindly: "You know, it isn't a competition." "What isn't a competition?" asked a confused sounding Pooh. "Sadness. Fear. Grief," said Piglet. "It's a mistake we often make. We often think that just because there are people who might be in a worse situation than us, we have no right to feel bad or sad. But that isn't true. You have as much right to feel unhappy as the next person; and, Pooh - and this is the significant bit - you also have just as much right to get the help that you need."

"Help? What help?" asked Pooh. "I don't need help, Piglet. "Do I?"

Pooh and Piglet chatted for a long time. Piglet suggested to Pooh names of people that he might wish to call for a chat. He pointed out that it is essential not to let Sadness make you feel trapped. Instead, it is good to reach out for help from someone who can help you, who can talk through with you, help you understand how the Sadness is affecting you, and explore some ways you can cope and pull through.

Piglet also reminded Pooh that this support is there for absolutely everyone, that there isn't a minimum level of Sadness that you must have before can speak to someone.

Finally, Piglet asked Pooh to open his window and look up at the sky, and Pooh did so. "You see that sky?" Piglet asked his friend. "Do you see the blues and the golds and that big fluffy cloud that looks like a sheep eating a carrot?" Pooh looked, and he could indeed see the blues and the golds and the big fluffy cloud that looked like a sheep eating a carrot. "You and I," continued Piglet, "we are both under that same sky. And so, whenever the Sadness comes, I want you to look up at that sky and know that however far apart we might be, we are also, at the same time, together. Perhaps, more together than we have ever been before." "Do you think this will ever end?" asked Pooh in a small voice. "This too shall pass," confirmed Piglet. "And I promise you, one day, you and I shall once again sit together, close enough to touch, sharing a little smackerel of something...under that blue-gold sky."

We need piglet in our lives. If you are feeling down, please reach out to someone you can trust, or seek professional help.

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