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Irah Mazlan
Locum Counsellor

Masters in Counselling (candidate, Swinburne University) 

Bachelor of Science-Psychology

(University of Wollongong)

Irah's foray into counselling was motivated by the youths that she befriended and mentoring youths at risk. They often commented that she was a good listener, genuine and empathetic. They encouraged her to pursue professional counselling to serve the wider community. Their remarks ignited Irah's interest to embark on furthering her studies.

Graduated with a degree in psychology, Irah is in the final year of her Masters in Counselling studies. Since she started counselling, Irah has counselled cancer patients, children, students and professional young adults on grief and relationship challenges. Her youthful personality helps to facilitate her therapeutic relationship with the youth and young at heart while also able to relate to the older generation.

Irah is a keen learner and often finds ways to sharpen her skill.

Therapeutic Approaches:

CBT, Problem-Solving, Solution-Focused, CTRT


Monday - Sunday

Consultation fee: Please refer to

Language: English, Malay

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