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Consultation Fees

Restoring Peace Counselling & Consultancy is a private mental health clinic, which is non-funded. The fees we receive go towards paying operation expenses. However, we recognise that some people need therapy but cannot afford the rate. Therefore, we offer a sliding scale to those with financial difficulty because we would like to make therapy as affordable as possible. You may email us at or consult your therapist for a subsidised rate.

Please note that the subsidised rate is applicable from the second session onwards.

Young Man in Therapy


For treatment of trauma, including  Complex Trauma, Sexual Trauma, Acute Trauma, Medical Trauma, Grief and Loss, PTSD and C-PTSD.

EMDRS and EMDRIA Certified EMDR Therapist


EMDRS Trained EMDR Therapist


Laurel Parnell Institute 

EMDR Therapist


Trauma & Resilience Life Coaching
(Each session is 50 minutes)


Therapy Session

Individual counselling & psychotherapy
(Each session is approximately 60 minutes)

Clinical Director



Senior Therapist



Senior Therapist


Therapist /

Clinical Counsellor 




Trainee Counsellor


*Sliding Scale available for those with financial difficulty

Children and Adolescent Therapy 
(age 15 and below)
(Approx. 50 minutes)


Couple/ Co-Joint / family  therapy

Approx.  60 minutes

Clinical Director

Senior Therapist

Relationship Therapist

Please note that a couple's therapy may take 1.5 hours, and there will be a prorated rate for the additional hour.

*Sliding Scale available for those with financial difficulty.

Hand Embrace

Clinical Supervision (By An SAC Registered Supervisor or SAC Registered counsellor)

Individual Clinical Supervision


(Each session is 60 minutes)

Group Clinical Supervision

$150 per person

(Approx 2 hours per session)

Minimum of 4 person

Monthly Group Supervision

Monday morning

Monday evening

Tuesday morning


Group Therapy and support group

Each session is 2 hours

Minimum of 5 participants

Upcoming Group Therapy


Trauma and Resilience

Customised TRAINING 

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