Consultation Fees

Young Man in Therapy

TRAUMA-FOCUSED  THERAPY/ EMDR Therapy/ Brainspotting Therapy

(For Childhood Trauma, Sexual Trauma, Single Event Trauma, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Complex PTSD, other Trauma)*

(Each session is 60 minutes)


*Restoring Peace is a private entity and does not receive funding from any source. However, suppose you seriously want to work on your issues but cannot afford the full consultation fee. In that case, you may submit a request for a special rate to our clinical director for consideration. We may give a limited subsidy after evaluation on a case-by-case basis.

Therapy Session

(Each session is 60 minutes)

By The Clinical Director

(>11 years experience)

First session: $160

Subsequent session: $170

By The Senior Counsellor

(4 years and above) 

Weekdays $160  

By The Asst. Senior Counsellor

(3-5 years experience) 


By The Counsellor

(1-3 years experience) 


By The Trainee Counsellor


(Masters Students)

Online $30   Face-to-Face $40

Distanced Couple

FamilY, Couple,

Co-Joint COUNselling

(Each session is 60 - 90 minutes)

Co-Joint Session


By The Clinical Director 

$170 - $180

By The Family Therapist* 


By The Assistant Senior Counsellor 


*Our Associate Family Therapist, Mdm Jennie Teo holds more than 10 years experience in family therapy. She is semi-retired and only see limited cases by appointment on Monday or Tuesday afternoon.

Hand Embrace

Clinical Supervision by An SAC Registered Supervisor
(Each session is 60 minutes)

Individual Clinical Supervision


Group Clinical Supervision

$130 per person for 2 hours

Support Groups

Group Therapy

Each session is 2 hours

Minimum of 4 participants

The fee to be advised

(Subject to availability)


COACHING and mentoring
(Each session is 50 minutes)



Please contact us for discussion.