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Employee assistance programme

Mental health is critical to overall wellness. It affects emotional and psychological well-being, leading to social and relationship challenges. Mental health plays an essential role in how individuals communicate, handle stress, and make decisions. Employees who struggle with mental health challenges yet do not receive adequate support may struggle to make positive contributions to their organisations. Untreated mental health challenges can also lead to a decline in employee health and productivity.


Employees are often afraid to be vulnerable about their mental health challenges due to fear of stigmatisation, as employers prefer their employees to separate their issues from their professional lives; yet, it is inevitable that some personal issues such as caregiving, relationship and psychological challenges such as anxiety and depression inevitably impact the employee's professional lives. For example, employees who are going through grief and loss may continue to function at work, but without adequate support to process that grief, it may, over time, lead to depressive symptoms. Likewise, employees with high levels of anxiety may benefit from therapy to help them overcome their mental health challenges and reduce procrastination caused by the stress.


Employers who provide counselling or psychotherapy therapy as part of their Employee Assistant Programme (EAP) protect their employees' mental health from declining and help their employees build a better and healthier work environment, leading to increased productivity.


What are the benefits of an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)?​

Investing in good mental wellness is not just a matter of employee care; it's a strategic move that can boost productivity. Psychologically healthy employees are more open to new ideas and tasks, fostering a positive and innovative work environment. This positivity increases happiness and productivity, creating a virtuous wellness cycle. Moreover, employees with good mental wellness are less likely to take frequent unplanned leaves, ensuring a more stable and productive workforce.


EAP in Singapore?​

Restoring Peace offers Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) in Singapore. We customise wellness and mental health programs to meet your organisation’s needs. These programs include counselling, informative seminars, and workshops designed to enhance the workplace environment and boost employee wellness and contribution. For more information and further discussion, please write to

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