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Clinical Supervision

clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision is a relationship between a supervisor and a supervisee to support, evaluate and develop the supervisee's professional development. Clinical Supervision entails communication during a sustained period of time between the supervisor and the supervisee.


Clinical Supervision covers but not limited to the following areas:


  • Knowledge of the Industry: To help people who are new to the counselling profession and need to make sense of their need and focus areas.

  • Professional Development: We provide guidance and supervision through case discussion, skills review and coaching in the supervisee's preferred modality to help our supervisee develop their clinical skills.

  • Micro skills Training: A strong foundation in interviewing help the counsellor enhance their communication with clients. It helps the counsellor effectively build a working alliance and engage clients in a helpful and meaningful discussion. Good interviewing and micro-skills is helpful for counsellors to build a strong therapeutic relationship with their clients. It also helps the counsellor identify the client's needs and move into the client's centred direction. At Restoring Peace, we provide training to enhance your skills in interviewing and counselling. 

  • The Self of The Counsellor: Self-awareness is crucial to managing transference and countertransference. Good self-awareness enables the counsellor to draw appropriate boundaries and make a 'conscious use of the self' in their therapeutic work.

  • Ethics: Counsellors must be aware of the ethical codes governing the counselling profession. Good knowledge of Ethical codes helps protect the counsellors from committing an error that may jeopardise both the counsellors and the clients' wellbeing.


At Restoring Peace, we provide clinical supervision through our founder, Rose Faquir. She is a SAC Registered Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor who is trained in various counselling modality. She has been supervising counsellors, counselling students and lay counsellors since 2015. Please click here for more information about Rose and clinical supervision services from her.

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