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Relationship Therapy

Relationship Counselling and therapy

Relationship therapy encompasses a variety of relationships, such as romantic partners, family members, or friends. Whether you're dealing with minor or major issues, our counsellors and psychotherapists are here to support you. Early intervention helps to address differences and serve as a preventative measure to address concerns before they escalate.


It may be challenging to share your differences with a stranger. But sometimes, it is difficult for you and your partner or family to resolve your conflict or differences calmly without triggering each other. Seeking help from a professional relationship counsellor is beneficial because it will allow you to have a safe space to express your needs while learning about the other person's needs. Processing difficult emotions with the relationship counsellor can help reduce tension and increase understanding, explore options for conflict resolutions, which leads to a more satisfying relationships


You do not need to be in a crisis to seek relationship therapy. There are times when early intervention help to prevent slight differences from escalating into crisis. Relationship therapy can benefit couples in the early stage of their love relationship, preparing to get married, or married couples. Relationship therapy is also beneficial for parents and children to understand and navigate differences that arise due to stages of development.

Relationship Counselling and Therapy Services at Restoring Peace


At Restoring Peace, we provide relationship therapy to assist individuals, couples and families in identifying and process issues or challenges within their relationships. Our relationship counsellors provide the safe and supportive space for you to discuss your concerns, address and process difficult emotions, and develop skills to build stronger and healthier relationships.

Our Relationship Therapists


Mellissa works with couples in conflict to restore their relationship. She also works with children and parents post divorce to strengthen their relationship. Read more about Mellissa here​.


Abigail holds several years experience in working with couples in conflict to strengthen their relationship. Read more about Abigail here​.


Geradline is passionate in helping couples to explore their emotions. A mother of two young adult children, she holds special interest in helping couples and families build better connections and communication skills. Geraldine also helps couples in relationship assessment. Read more about Geraldine here.


Rose is an experienced trauma psychotherapist who works with individuals and family facing mental health challenges. She helps her clients making sense of the issue they face and support them in their healing journey. She also guide individuals in choosing the appropriate therapeutic directions. Read more about Rose here​.

* We provide a small subsidy for couples who are financially difficulties.

Resolve your past. Restore your peace. Regain charge of your life!​

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