Professional Counselling Services for

• Trauma • Anxiety • Addictions • PTSD • Grief and Loss • Depression

 • Clinical Supervision • Support Group  • Training

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Counselling & Psychotherapy

At Restoring Peace, we offer counselling and psychotherapy services for you to process your issues in a safe and comfortable environment. 


The issues we counsel include trauma, anxiety, addictions, grief, and phobia.

We also journey with people who needed to process important decision-making and those who are experiencing stress at work and in school.



Clinical supervision is a process that enhances growth and clinical skills while building a strong relationship between a supervisor and a supervisee.

Clinical supervision is necessary for every counsellor and counselling student regardless of whether you operate in social services, private practice or school.

We provide both individual and group clinical supervision services for students, newly graduated counsellors and professionals.


Contact Restoring Peace Counselling at 9484-9067for more information

Group Therapy / Support Group

We offer group sessions for people with similar experiences to process their issues and to offer support to one another in a safe environment, facilitated by trained counsellors.


Here are some reasons why some people feel that group therapy is more beneficial:


  • Group therapy allows individuals to give and receive support from one another. Through this engagement, group members don’t feel isolated for their experience.​

  • Group therapy affirmed the members that they are not alone in their struggles.​

  • Through group therapy, Members opportunity to realised their unhealthy pattern of interaction and learn new skills of positive interactions.

  • Because of their shared experiences, group members often develop a friendship with each other beyond the therapy sessions.


To ensure safety, members have to sign a confidentiality agreement that they adhere to a code of confidentiality. 

Self-awareness coaching

Self-awareness helps you to be aware of your personality and behaviour and the way it shapes your interaction with yourself and with others. Being self-aware helps you to be mindful of the way you react to certain situations.


Benefits of having good self-awareness help you to be able to informed decision in a given situation without being motivated by strong emotion or negative schema. It also helps you to be more forgiving and towards others.


Good self-awareness has been linked to personal growth and a healthier relationship.

Psychological Assessment 

We provide psychological assessment for child developmental, learning, behavioural, social and emotional issues by our partner, Licensed Psychologist/Child Psychologist, Dr Lee Tzu Min.

Early assessment will enable the children to receive early intervention and prepare them with skills to cope with their challenges.

Please contact Dr Lee directly at 96720168.

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