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Clinical supervision is essential for every counsellor, and counselling interns regardless of the setting of your practice. It is a process that enhances growth and clinical skills while building a strong relationship between a supervisor and a supervisee. 

We provide both individual and group clinical supervision services for students, newly graduated counsellors and professionals.

Counselling & Psychotherapy

At Restoring Peace, we provide counselling and psychotherapy services for you to process your issues in a safe and comfortable environment. 


We focused on providing counselling for issues of trauma, anxiety, addictions, depression, grief, and phobia.


We provide counselling services for individuals, couple and family.

We also provide counselling through online platform*.

Contact Restoring Peace Counselling at 9484-9067 or email

*Terms & Condition apply.

Helping the 

People Helper

"Helping yourself" is a principle that applies to anyone in the helping professions. It is challenging to help others if we are struggling emotionally too. Therefore, self-care is essential to counsellors, social workers and those in the helping profession, as much as it is for our client.


As part of Restoring Peace' social responsibility programme, we provide subsidised counselling to counsellors, social workers and staffs of social service agencies, rehabilitation centres and faith-based organisation.*

*Term & Conditions apply


Group Therapy or

Support Group

We provide group sessions for people with similar experiences to process their issues and to provide support to one another in a safe environment.


As a result, of the shared experiences, group participants gain new experience, new support, and quite often new friendship. 

A trained counsellor will facilitate the sessions.



Self-awareness helps you to be aware of your personality and behaviour and the way it shapes your interaction with yourself and with others. 


The benefits of having good self-awareness include being aware of what triggers you and taking steps to respond objectively to the situation or towards others. It also helps you to be more forgiving towards yourself and others.


Good self-awareness is helpful for  personal growth and a healthier relationship.

Psychological Assessment 

We provide psychological assessment for child developmental, learning, behavioral, social and emotional issues through our partner, Licensed Psychologist/Child Psychologist, Dr. Lee Tzu Min.

Early assessment will enable the children to receive early intervention and prepare them with skills to cope with their challenges.

Please contact Dr. Lee directly at 96720168.

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