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counselling & PSYCHOTHERAPY

At Restoring Peace, we provide counselling and psychotherapy services for individual couple and family to process their issues in a safe and comfortable environment.

Our primary service is to provide trauma-based therapy for adult, youth and children who have encountered traumatic experience in their life. The traumatic experience may include, but not limited to, childhood trauma, sexual abuse, family violence and PTSD.

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Clinical supervision is a process that enhances growth and clinical skills, while building a strong relationship between a supervisor and a supervisee.


Clinical supervision is necessary for every counselling student and counsellor regardless of whether you operate in the social service, private practice or school.

At Restoring Peace, we offer individual and group clinical supervision for counselling students and professional counsellors.


Counsellors and Healthcare Workers

At Restoring Peace, we provide a discounted rate for Counsellors, Social Workers and Nurses.


A discounted rate is also available to full-time counselling, Psychology, and Social Work students.


GroupWORK & GROUP therapy

At Restoring Peace, we provide group sessions for people with similar experiences to process their issue and to offer support to one another in a safe environment.

Benefits of joining a support group may include:

  • Feeling less lonely or isolated.

  • Shared experience.

  • Reduced distress.

  • Learn the skills to cope with challenges

  • Gaining a sense of empowerment or hope


If you are interested to join a support group for trauma survivors, social anxiety, grief and loss over COVID-19 and caregivers of a person with addictions, please email to

 MENTORING & coaching

At Restoring Peace, we provide coaching for people who wish to discover their strength, connect better with their emotions and seek clarity in their life direction


While coaching and counselling are similar in that they both aim to support the individual in their wellness and growth. There is a difference: coaching focuses on skill-sets that encourage and support the individual to increase his or her productivity and effectiveness. In contrast, counselling focused on processing the psychological issues and mental health challenges which prevented the clients from growing and having a healthy interpersonal and intrapersonal relationship. 




At Restoring Peace, we provide training and consultancy services for counselling and mental health 

related issues.

Topics include:

Basic counselling skills

Managing trauma


Understanding emotion

Coping with depression

Coping with anxiety

Managing procrastination

Performance anxiety



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Tel: 94849067

Professional Counselling Services for

• Trauma • Anxiety • Addictions • PTSD • Grief and Loss • Depression

 • Clinical Supervision • Support Group  • Training 

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