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Our Services


counselling & PSYCHOTHERAPY

Restoring Peace provides counselling and psychotherapy services for individuals, couples and families to process their issues in a safe and comfortable environment.

Restoring Peace was born from our founder's vision to provide therapy for trauma survivors. We provide counselling for sexual trauma, childhood trauma, traumatic events, family violence and PTSD. We offer an extensive range of mental health therapy services in Singapore and remotely for anxiety, addictions, depression, grief and loss, personality disorder and other mental health challenges. We also work with couples and family to improve communications and navigate their relationship challenges.

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Clinical supervision is a formal working alliance between the clinical supervisor and supervisee. Clinical supervision aims to help the supervisee clinical growth. Supervision may focus on one or a combination of skills training, ethics, contents and the therapist' process.

Clinical supervision is necessary for every counselling student and counsellor regardless of whether you work in the social service, private practice, schools or rehabilitation setting. Beginning counsellors seeking to become a registered counsellor with Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC) need to clock a minimum of 60 hours of clinical supervision.

At Restoring Peace, we offer individual and group clinical supervision by SAC Registered Clinical Supervisor and SAC Registered Counsellors.

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Our trainee counsellors.provides Low Bono and Pro Bono counselling services for talk therapy and counselling.

We also provide small discount for people who needs counselling from our professionals but is facing financial challenges.

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GroupWORK & GROUP therapy

We provide group sessions for people with similar experiences to process their issue and to offer support to one another in a safe environment.

Benefits of joining a support group may include:

  • Feeling less lonely or isolated

  • Shared experience

  • Reduced distress

  • Learn the skills to cope with challenges

  • Gaining a sense of empowerment or hope


If you are interested in joining a support group, please email and indicate the support group you are interested in joining.

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Trauma-Informed Life Coaching

Trauma-informed coaching is an approach that considers the potential impact of trauma on an individual's life. The trauma-informed coach seeks to create a safe and supportive environment for individuals who have experienced trauma but are not ready to work on the deep-seated issues and the traumatic memories. Trauma-informed coaching focuses on the brain-body connection, behavioural reactions, and symptoms, as well as developing skills to regulate the nervous system. The primary goal of trauma-informed coaching is to help individuals heal and build resilience while recognising the way trauma has impacted or altered their lives. 


At Restoring Peace, our Trauma-Informed Coach is also an experience and knowledgeable trauma-informed clinician. 

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Training &

We provide training and consultancy services for counselling and mental health related issues.

Topics include:

  • Basic counselling skills

  • Managing trauma

  • Self-awareness

  • Understanding emotion

  • Coping with depression

  • Coping with anxiety

  • Managing procrastination

  • Performance anxiety

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