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Moving to a new country is daunting enough by itself without having to experience an emotional break down in a new country. I found Rose online and while I was very scared to take the first step,  she made me feel really welcome and at ease with no judgement. Even though we came from different backgrounds and lives, she has really helped me process some really tough life experiences and has made the world of difference in my life. 


Regional Director / Expatriate

In life's winding road, one meets different people at different paths. Once in a while, at a difficult crossing, a unique person can alter your direction and lead you down the right way. Ms Rose was my guide. Her professional, calm and ever-patient counselling soothed my chronic struggle with dark depression and self-sabotage. Her experience and knowledge have helped me both mentally and emotionally. 


Marketing Consultant

I found Rose to be uniquely equipped with an excellent mix of professional expertise and genuine compassion to help me benefit from each session.   She patiently walks me through the life issues, with unconditional acceptance and reassuring affirmations. It was especially insightful for me when she guided me, using EMDR, to process some childhood traumas which I thought had been adequately dealt with in the past. The greater understanding gained has brought much comfort, peace and healing to me.


Finance Manager

I sought counselling in a desperate attempt to help myself at a time full of anger and deep emotional repression. Rose met me with kindness, compassion, and a deep sense of empathy that made me feel strong enough to begin the journey of understanding myself. She has been integral in helping me to weather the difficulties in my life and to recognise my self-worth and personal strengths. She has made a huge impact on my life not just through her professional help, but as a young person, I have also learnt immensely from her humanity for self and others as well.



I feel safe, emotionally and mentally, to share with Rose the issues that I face and she has been a good listener and patient, always helped me to work these issues out logically. Each time I leave from the session I usually do feel lighter and less burdened. I know I am a work in progress and it will take time for me to heal but I believe with Rose’s guidance I will get there.


Fitness Instructor

Names have been changed to protect clients' identity.

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