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I sought counselling in a desperate attempt to help myself at a time full of anger and deep emotional repression. Rose met me with kindness, compassion, and a deep sense of empathy that made me feel strong enough to begin the journey of understanding myself. She has been integral in helping me to weather the difficulties in my life and to recognise my self-worth and personal strengths. She has made a huge impact on my life, not just through her professional help but as a young person. I have learnt immensely from her humanity for self and others as well.



Rose has provided a very safe place for me to open up my world. In her gentle and reassuring ways, she gave me the strength and courage to take the bold step of journeying deeper into my past experiences, which helped me gain new insights into my inner being. Knowing more about my strengths was very affirming. Understanding some of my fears and negative reactions to people and situations helped me explore less dysfunctional and more positive ways of dealing with my struggles. The many hours spent with Rose was one of the best investments I have made. I believed I had grown a little, less critical of myself and more accepting of my own weaknesses. I came out stronger, more courageous and more ready to take on more challenges. 


Director in MNC

I found Rose uniquely equipped with an excellent mix of professional expertise and genuine compassion to help me benefit from each session. She patiently walks me through the life issues with unconditional acceptance and reassuring affirmations. It was especially insightful for me when she guided me, using EMDR, to process some childhood traumas which I thought had been adequately dealt with in the past. The greater understanding gained has brought much comfort, peace and healing to me.


Finance Manager

Man Hands On Keyboard

I am very grateful to Rose as she helped me through tough times and taught me several coping skills in times of need. She had reminded me how to dig deeper and see silver linings in every negative situation. The EMDR process had helped me to acknowledge, process and apply resolutions for my past traumas. Overall, I've learnt many things from her and am still in the process of learning new things every day. I am happier, stronger, and wise because of her guidance and teachings.

System Specialist

Front Desk

A psychiatrist diagnosed me with clinical depression and anxiety, and I have been seeing Rose for about six years. She helps me to overcome the shame from the past traumatic experience of physical and sexual abused. Therapy helped me come to terms with myself, and I slowly learn to care about my physical and mental well-being and slowly embrace myself as a unique person, despite my past.


Rose has also been patient and very understanding of my issues. After processing with Rose my problems, I have become more aware of both my positive and negative actions. Though I am better now, I still consult Rose whenever necessary, and I plan to continue to do so.

Customer Service

Teaching English

Rose's warm and compassionate presence made me very comfortable opening up from our very first session. Rose has supported me in sharing and processing my traumatic memories, so I don't have to carry all that weight in my heart anymore. Rose has also helped me see my strengths and resources. She helped me to see myself as much more than someone broken by trauma. Yes, I've experienced deep pain, but I have also developed many ways to cope, and I can thrive in life. I'm grateful. 


Students on a Break

Rose has been very encouraging and understanding during times of difficulty and stress. She has taught me to be more compassionate and kind towards myself and my issues. I am happy and grateful to have her as my guide in my mental health journey.

Fresh Graduate

Businesswoman with Mask

I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder. After several years of therapy, I met Rose. She was able to help me improve my condition by exploring past failures and unhappiness. She processed my unhappy memories in my childhood with patience and compassion. From her sessions, I understood and was able to practice kindness towards myself. She also taught me coping strategies, which helped me to manage my mood better through self-compassion. Her therapy sessions have greatly improved my mental health and contributed to better mental well-being.



Stressed Man

I have seen a few therapists over the years, and Rose stands out as someone who helped me with a real sense of compassion and understanding. She helped me to see more clearly, to validate my responses (having validated them herself), and in doing so, built my confidence considerably. I feel very grateful for the support and the insights she provided in my circumstances.


Creative Director

Working on Rooftop

I started therapy with Rose in early 2022 when I began experiencing panic attacks (which I never had before) from unresolved childhood traumas. Having read Dr. Bessel’s book (The Body Keeps the Score), I decided to try EMDR with Rose. Through therapy with Rose, where she deployed different methods to work with me depending on the issue I brought to each session, I gained deeper insights about myself and my beliefs. My repressed emotions were also gradually brought to light and properly handled. As a therapist, Rose has not only been patient with me, her compassionate presence also provides a safe space in which I had been able to find courage to explore my unresolved past and accept them in order to move ahead with life in a truly

forwarding manner. Today, I find myself in a much better space than I was before therapy. Increasingly, I am finding strength within myself. Yet even as I continue to heal and move ahead with life, therapy and self-healing will continue to remain an integral part of me.



In life's winding road, one meets different people on different paths. Once in a while, at a difficult crossing, a unique person can alter your direction and lead you down the right way. Ms Rose was my guide. Her professional, calm and ever-patient counselling soothed my chronic struggle with dark depression and self-sabotage. Her experience and knowledge have helped me, both mentally and emotionally. 


Business Development


I feel emotionally and mentally safe to share with Rose the issues that I face. She has been a good listener and patient and always helped me work these issues out logically. Each time I leave from the session, I usually do feel lighter and less burdened. I know I am a work in progress, and it will take time for me to heal, but I believe with Rose’s guidance, I will get there.


Fitness Instructor


Moving to a new country is daunting enough by itself without having to experience an emotional break down in a new country. I found Rose online, and while I was terrified to take the first step, she made me feel really welcome and at ease with no judgement. Even though we came from different backgrounds and lives, she has really helped me process some really tough life experiences. She has made a world of difference in my life. 


Regional Director / Expatriate

Woman in Library

Rose was my clinical supervisor for a year as I pursued an education in counselling.  She is open and generous in sharing her experiences and knowledge.  Her kind and friendly demeanour makes it easy to consult her on issues.  From our sessions, I gained insight into areas of counselling which I am interested in.  She also supported me with clear direction whenever I needed advice on my cases.  Her feedback is always encouraging and constructive, which I greatly appreciate. 

After each supervision session with Rose, I would feel more invigorated and assured that I was on the right path.  As an amateur in the field of counselling, I have benefitted immensely from Rose’s supervision and guidance throughout my practicum and I am thankful for that.

Masters of Counselling Intern

Names have been changed to protect clients' identity

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