Addiction Counselling

understanding Addiction

Addiction is a complex condition manifested by a compulsion to activities. It became an addiction when a person overindulges in the activity and begin to neglect his or her life.


Addiction is categories into 2 broad categories.


Behavioural/ Process Addiction

People living with behavioural addiction have difficulty to stop engaging in the behaviour despite its negative consequences. Process addiction may include but not limited to Pornography, sex, food, the internet and gambling addiction.

Substance-Abused Addiction

Substance abuse refers to the inappropriate and harmful use of any substance, which includes but not limited to drugs and alcohol. Addiction includes being addicted to a seemingly harmful substance like coffee and chocolate.

Cause of Addiction

Several factors may contribute to the development of addiction. The main factors are often associated with the environment, family's beliefs, attitudes and loneliness. When people indulge in addictive behaviours, like drinking or watching pornography, it gives a temporary euphoria. This euphoria gives the addicted person a false illusion of being relieved from their pain.


However, over time, the pleasure reduced. To repeat the euphoria they initially felt, the person increases consumption of the substance. However, the more they depend on the substance, the worse they feel because the substance gradually affects the different aspects of their lives.

Counselling and Psychotherapy for Addiction Counselling

Restoring Peace provides counselling and psychotherapy for both behavioural and substance abuse addiction.