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Brief Therapy


Brief therapy is short-term counselling which ranges from 3 to 8 sessions. It is present-oriented and focusses on the client's presenting symptoms and current life circumstances. In brief therapy, the counsellor may acknowledge the client's past traumatic experience but do not linger or make a comprehensive history of the past. Brief therapy is present and future oriented.


Brief therapy is suitable for people who would like to focus on specific, non-traumatic issues. Brief therapy does not address trauma in details because the focus is on the present. Therefore, people with a traumatic experience may benefit more from a longer and comprehensive trauma counselling.

Cognitive-Behavioural Brief Therapy

The focus of Cognitive-behavioural brief therapy is a schema or thought restructuring. Schema often derived from life experiences, which people use to guide their responses and decision. However, schemas may not always be accurate. For example, a boy made a mistake during a class presentation; he then develops a schema that he is not suitable to do any public speaking. Another example: a woman said good morning to her supervisor who did not respond. The woman than assume that her supervisor dislikes her, and she became worried about losing her job. The cognitive-behavioural brief therapy counsellor works with the client to identify and replace distorted cognitions based on schemas.


Choice Theory Reality Therapy (CTRT)

The premise in choice theory is every individual only has the power to control themselves. Choice Theory advocate that people took responsibility for their own life and recognized their limitation in trying to direct other people's decisions and lives. Choice Theory counsellor empowers clients to take responsibility for their choices and support others in taking ownership of their options. As the client gradually take ownership of their own decisions, the intensity and frequency of negative thoughts and behaviours eventually reduce, which then leads to a better and more satisfying relationship with others.


Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)  is future-focused, goal-directed, and focuses on solutions, rather than on the problems that brought clients to seek therapy. The solution-focused brief therapy counsellor focus on the client's present and future circumstances and goals to find a quicker resolution of the client's concern. The SFBT tenet believes that the client knows and is capable of finding the best solutions, and the role of the counsellor is to surface that knowledge with appropriate coaching and questioning technique.

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