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Subsidized Counselling


We provide a heavily subsidised counselling services by our Trainee Counsellors. 

What is an Trainee Counsellor?

The Trainee Counsellors are Candidate for Masters and Graduate Diploma in Counselling who are interning with us. Some of them hold a degree in psychology.


What is the difference between a Trainee Counsellor and a Para Counsellor?

Interns are counselling students who have completed and usually have completed foundational modules in counselling. Lay counsellors are generally (though not necessarily) are people with basic counselling skills who served in a voluntary capacity. 


Is it safe for me to see a Trainee?

All our trainees received guidance from our SAC Registered Clinical Supervisor, Rose Faquir, and they are accountable to seek regular supervision.


Can Trainee see cases with Complex Trauma and Dissociation?

Consistent with SAC ethical guidelines, The Intern Counsellors are unable to accept presenting issues of Complex Trauma, Severe Addictions, Personality Disorder and Psychosis. 


What kind of cases can the Trainee see?

The Trainee Counsellors provides counselling for depression, anxiety, addiction, stress, relationship, decision making, life transition and workplace challenges.


Why must I pay to see a Trainee?

The minimal counselling fee helps defer the operational cost. However, if you have financial difficulty but are committed to receive counselling, please write to our Clinical Director to request for subsidy. She will review it accordingly.

If you are keen to consult a Trainee Counsellor, please fill up the booking form and indicate your preference.