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Resolving conflict, within and beyond

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Being psychologically healthy is integral to our well-being because our feelings, thinking, physiology and behaviour co-relate to our mental wellness. The state of our mental health impacts our self-esteem, decision-making process, response to stress and relationships.


Many reasons lead to mental health challenges, and trauma is one of the significant contributors. Traumatic experience(s) hurt and disturb your sense of worth, leading to anxiety, depression, extreme fear of abandonment and other psychological challenges. The unprocessed trauma also holds you back from reaching your potential. It seems like you are stuck, but...



At Restoring Peace Counselling & Consultancy, our clinicians provide professional counselling and psychotherapy services for individuals and families who experienced trauma, anxiety, attachment injuries, depression, grief and other mental health challenges. Our clinicians can also support you to process important decision making process, performance enhancement and relationship issues.

Overcome the hindrance to your growth.

Resolve your hurts, Restore your peace and Regain charge of your life!

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