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Lorling Lee
Trainee Counsellor

Masters of Arts in Counselling

(candidate, TCA College) 

Advanced Certificate in Counselling

(CWR Care and Counselling Asia/Waverley Abbey College)

Master of Arts in Asian Studies

(Cornell University, USA)

Bachelor's Degree in Social Sciences (Political Science)

(National University of Singapore)

Lorling is a final-year graduate counselling student with two decades of experience as a diplomat. She has rich experience in policy-making, advocacy, networking, and intercultural communication. She has worked and lived in the United States, India and Turkey. She is grateful for a career that has enlarged her understanding of humanity, allowing her to connect meaningfully with people from diverse backgrounds. Yet, she also knows that one chapter of her life has to end for a new chapter to start, with both ultimately combining into a richer story. Indeed, she has discovered that there are many parallels in the two roles, as a diplomat and as a counsellor. Both roles seek to ensure peace and growth by building a partnership based on trust and respect. Lorling is excited about harnessing her experiences and skills to support people going through life challenges, as a compassionate companion.


She enjoys reading, gardening, clocking 10,000 steps a day, baking and cooking.

Therapeutic Approaches:

Developmental (life transitions) Counselling

Decisional Counselling

Holistic Biopsychosocial-Spiritual Therapy 

Type of cases she sees:

Social Anxiety, Adjustment Anxiety, Performance Anxiety, Decision-Making, 

Depression, Grief, Relationship Challenges (Individual Session), Stress.


Monday to Friday

Consultation fee: Please refer to

Language: English, Mandarin

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