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Lorling Lee

P. Clinical Member (SAC)

Masters of Arts in Counselling

(TCA College) 

Advanced Certificate in Christian Counselling

(CWR Care and Counselling Asia/Waverley Abbey College)

Having worked as a diplomat for two decades – with experience in the United States, India, and Turkey - Lorling embodies multicultural sensitivity, adaptability, and resilience. Her transition from diplomacy to counselling reflects a seamless blend of learned skills and natural abilities, enabling meaningful changes in her clients' lives.

Lorling believes in harnessing her personal qualities and professional skills to support her clients effectively. She possesses unwavering empathy and an ability to forge deep connections with others. She embraces her limitations and enriches herself through life experiences and a strong willingness to learn.

Lorling values a solid counsellor-client relationship as the foundation of the healing journey. This connection allows Lorling to customise therapeutic techniques to support her clients' unique needs. With nearly 200 hours of experience during her counselling practicum, she has witnessed firsthand the therapeutic impact of the counselling relationship.

Lorling continues to pursue formal training and self-directed learning for her personal and professional growth. In addition to her counselling certifications, Lorling holds a Master of Arts in Asian Studies from Cornell University and an Honors in Political Science from the National University of Singapore.

Lorling enjoys reading, brisk walking, and cooking.

Therapeutic Approaches:

Common Factors-Integrative Approach

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Developmental (life transitions) Counselling

Decisional Counselling

Holistic Biopsychosocial-Spiritual Therapy 

Schema Therapy

Type of cases she sees:

Anxiety, Decision-Making,  Depression, Grief, Relationship Challenges (Individual Session), Stress.


Monday to Saturday

Consultation fee: Please refer to

Language: English, Mandarin

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