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Complimentary online session

Many lives have been affected unexpectedly by Covid-19. From the time we wake up in the morning till we go to bed, we received news on Covid-19 both in Singapore and around the world, and through any form of communication: WhatsApp, email, internet. Covid-19 is also the frequent topics of conversation wherever we are.

As the numbers of people being infected increases and more necessary measures to limit the spread of the virus are in place, life becomes increasingly uncertain and fearful.

While the fear help to remind us to be more alert and to be more socially responsible, it also heightened the anxiety in some people. It triggered painful past experiences, isolation and loneliness. Being frequently on alert caused people to be anxious. Evidence suggests that people who experience frequent anxiety are at higher risk for developing many chronic medical conditions. At times, it also leads to people to think that they are physically unwell even when they are healthy.

As part of an effort to reach out to those who are in isolation due to Covid-19, Restoring Peace is offering the following complimentary online counselling:

One session of 30 minutes of individual counselling, Monday morning, at 10 am.

2 x 40 minutes group session on Saturday morning, 10 am. Maximum of 5 participants.

There will be a limit of one session per individual and two sessions for each group. Priority will be for people serving SHN, LOA, have family/household members on SHN / LOA or frontline personnel. It will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Due to limited resources, this service is only available to people living in Singapore, though we hope to extend it to those living overseas in future.

To register for the complimentary online session, please visit

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