Children and youth counselling

Children and youth who experience traumatic life event(s) suffers from the emotional and psychological impact of it as much as adults. The traumatic events may include, but not limited to, abuse, domestic violence, losses, divorce, harsh criticism and bullying. 


Research often reflect that children and youth whose traumatic events are less unprocessed are vulnerable to the impact of subsequent trauma. The traumatic experience often causes them to feel anxious, depressed, have low self-confidence, which then leads to distrust and poor relationship with others. It is essential that children and youth who have encountered traumatic life experience to receive early psychological intervention, to help them develop a healthy sense of self.


Restoring Peace provide counselling for children and youth who experience trauma, or suffer from anxiety or other mental health issues.


Children and YouthCounselling



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• Trauma • Anxiety • Addictions • PTSD • Grief and Loss • Depression

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