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Restore Your Peace

Episode One

On the first episode of Restore Your Peace, Rose Faquir, the founder and director of Restoring Peace Counselling & Consultancy, shares her thoughts and advice on mental health during the pandemic. 

Episode Two

On the second episode of Restore Your Peace, Rose shares about the differences between counsellors and psychotherapists, a question she commonly is asked about.

Episode Three

Have you ever wondered why you don't improve after a few counselling sessions or how many sessions you need to attend to "get better"? Tune in to listen as Rose shares her insight with her listeners on this commonly asked question.

Episode four

Why do counsellors and psychotherapists often ask clients about their past? How does knowing what happened during our childhood help to address the problems we're facing today? Tune in as Rose shares her insights to these questions.

Episode Five

We're excited to present our first podcast guest, Mr. Sam Kuna! A Certified Master Addiction Counsellor with the Asia Pacific Certification Board and with decades of experience in Singapore's counselling scene, Sam shares his insights with us about addiction.

Episode six

Episode 6 introduces two of our counsellors-in-training, Gordon Tan and Irah Mazlan! They share with us about their personal experience with the internship process at Restoring Peace Counselling & Consultancy. Tune in to listen about the challenges and memorable moments they've faced as they journey towards becoming professional counsellors.

Episode Seven

Most of us have encountered hurtful words, but sometimes certain experiences linger and continue to affect us for years after. Rose Faquir returns on episode 7 to share with us her own personal experiences with hurtful words and shares her insights and tips on how to get past them.

Episode eight

The saying that it takes a village to raise a child holds much truth, especially for parents who are raising children with special needs. These caregivers often struggle with so many physical and emotional demands that they are constantly faced with high levels of stress and anxiety. On episode 8, our senior counsellor Kit Choy shares her experiences and advice counselling children and adults with special needs as well as their families.

Episode Nine

On episode 9, Rose Faquir returns to discuss about getting past failures. Tune in as she shares her insights about why some failures impact us so much, what we can do to overcome the setbacks and how counselling and psychotherapy can help.

Episode Ten

On episode 10 we invite a special guest, Ms. Jennifer Chew, to share with our listeners about her transition from working full time in the corporate world to becoming a counsellor. Tune in as she shares what it was like to go back to school as an adult, the challenges she faced and how she motivated herself through the journey.

Episode Eleven

In episode 11 our guest Lena Chew, a senior counsellor at Restoring Peace, shares with us about solution focused brief therapy and how it can benefit the working professional. Tune in to hear more about how it can address workplace anxiety, stress or coping with changes and conflicts.

Episode Twelve

On episode 12, Rose Faquir returns to share with our listeners about the fear of abandonment. Tune in to learn more about what the fear of abandonment is, how one typically develops the psychological condition and how a therapist would work with you to heal from it.

Episode Thirteen

Tune in to episode 13 as Rose returns to share more about what family violence is and what possible reasons victims may have that prevent them from leaving the abusive relationship.

Episode Fourteen

On episode 14 of Restore Your Peace podcast, our guest Tsui Ling Lee shares about her outlook as a senior sandtray therapist, what it is and how it can greatly benefit clients. 

Episode Fifteen

On episode 15, counsellor Thomas Tsang speaks about the invisible workforce based on his previous experience as a director of facilities and infrastructures. Tune in the find out who the invisible workforce are and how Thomas shifted to becoming a counsellor. 

Episode sixteen

On episode 16, senior counsellor Joycelyn Chieng shares more about her experience with online counselling, how it can be just as effective as in-person therapy and who can benefit from it.

Episode seventeen

Tune in to episode 17 as fitness instructor Toni Finan, the founder and owner of Better Bodies Bootcamp, talks about physical activity and its benefits on our mental health.

Episode Eighteen

Episode 18 introduces our intern, Geraldine Chua, who shares with our listeners the importance of effective communication and how she works towards conflict resolution as a parent raising two children.

Episode nineteen

Clinical director Rose Faquir returns on episode 19 to give our listeners more insight on what sexual trauma is, the adverse effects it has on the victims and what survivors can do to seek help.

Episode Twenty

On episode 20, clinical director Rose Faquir speaks about her experiences with brainspotting therapy. Tune in to find out what brainspotting is and how it can benefit clients.

Episode Twenty-One

Senior counsellor and special needs therapist Kit Choy returns on episode 21 to share with our listeners about counselling youths. Tune in to listen to her experience and what she does to relate to and understand the younger generations.

Episode Twenty-two

On episode 22, senior counsellor Abigail Yang talks about her work in grief and loss. Tune in to listen about her integrative style of therapy and how it differs from the traditional approach to grief.

Episode Twenty-three

On episode 23, senior counsellor Lena Chew returns to talk about her work as an expressive therapist. Tune in to find out what expressive therapy, or expressive art therapy, is and how it can benefit clients of all ages.

Episode Twenty-four

Play therapist and senior counsellor Tsui Ling shares on episode 24 her insights and experiences with play therapy. Tune in to find out what play therapy is, what the process is like and how beneficial it can be for children and adolescents. 

Episode Twenty-Five

Clinical director Rose Faquir returns on episode 25 to share about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Tune in to listen to what the disorder is, what are the challenges involved and what type of intervention is helpful for those with BPD.

Episode Twenty-six

Senior counsellor Joycelyn Chieng returns on episode 26 to talk about what trauma-focused cognitive behavioural therapy (TF-CBT) is and how it can benefit children, adolescents and families who have been through distressing experiences.

Episode Twenty-seven

Senior counsellor and trauma therapist Joycelyn returns on episode 27 to discuss about gaslighting. Tune in to understand what gaslighting is and what people can do to identify if they're in such an abusive dynamic.

Episode Twenty-eight

Counsellor Jennifer Chew returns on episode 28 to talk about her personal experience caring for someone with depressive symptoms. Tune in to listen to how the experience impacted her growth as an individual and a professional, and her message to those in a similar situation.

Episode Twenty-nine

Senior counsellor, Mellissa Krishnan, shares about the benefits of having children of divorced parents go to therapy.

Episode Thirty

On episode 30, Rose Faquir, our clinical director, shares one of her client's testimony about anxiety and school. Tune in as she discusses how she helps her clients facing anxiety and what steps one can take to overcome it.

Episode Thirty-one

On episode 31, Rose Faquir shares more about what performance anxiety is, how to cope with it, and what are some therapeutic methods to overcome its challenges. 

Episode Thirty-two

Senior therapist Mellissa Krishnan returns to share her experiences working with couples contemplating divorce. Tune in to episode 32 to listen to her insights and tips of what can help couples overcome difficult times.

Episode Thirty-Three

On episode 33, senior therapist and special needs counsellor Kit Choy returns to talk about her experience working with individuals with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). Tune in to find out more about the disorder and Kit's advice for individuals and families. overcome difficult times.

Episode Thirty-Four

Clinical director Rose Faquir returns on episode 34 to talk about codependency. Tune in to find out what codependency is, what are the signs and symptoms, and how therapy can treat it. 

Episode Thirty-five

On episode 35, intern Lorling Lee shares about her journey from being an intercultural diplomat to a counsellor. Tune in to listen to her experience working with people of different cultures and how it has contributed to her work as an counsellor.

Episode Thirty-six

On episode 36, senior trauma therapist Joycelyn Chieng talks about narcissistic traits. Tune in to hear about how they develop, what are the treatment methods, and Joycelyn's advice for those who are in relationships involving narcissistic traits.

Episode Thirty-seven

Being overly critical of yourself increases the sense of insecurities which leads to high anxiety. The opposite of being highly critical is self-compassion. Self-compassion is being kind to yourself and forgiving yourself for your mistake. Tune in to listen more about reducing anxiety through self compassion.

Episode Thirty-eight

On episode 38 of the podcast, senior therapist and expressive arts therapist Lena Chew shares about expressive arts journaling. Tune in to find out more about its benefits and the therapeutic process. 

Episode Thirty-nine

Emotions significantly affect our lives, decisions, behaviours and well-being. Connecting with the emotions you experience will make you more aware of who you are and why you feel a certain way. Tune in to find out more about the importance of feeling your emotions. 

On episode 40, clinical director and senior trauma therapist Rose Faquir returns to talk about group work. Tune in to find out about its benefits and advantages, and what group work plans Restoring Peace Counselling and Consultancy has for 2023. 

Episode FORTY 

Episode FORTy-one  

Intense anxiety has aversive effects on our development, well-being and relationship with others. If not attended to, the overwhelming it can lead to the development of psychological conditions. Tune in to find out more about counselling and treatment methods for anxiety.

Episode FORTy-two  

Low mood is a state that is characterized by sadness, extreme tiredness, frustration, anxiety and/or a sense of hopelessness. People with low mood have low motivation, lose interest in activities they usually enjoy or isolate themselves from friends or loved ones. Tune in to find out more about dealing with low mood.

Episode FORTy-three   

Sexual trauma is traumatic and life-altering. The mental scars stay with the survivors for a long time. They often experience PTSD, flashbacks, anxiety, depression and relationship challenges caused by the highly traumatic experience. Tune in to find out more about the mental health challenges of sexual trauma survivors.

Episode FORTy-FOUR   

Past traumatic experience often leads to the struggle with painful emotions such as anger, grief, shame, helplessness and loneliness. On the 44th episode of Restore Your Peace podcast, Rose Faquir, the founder and director of Restoring Peace Counselling & Consultancy, shares about EMDR group therapy. Tune in to learn more about EMDR and the difference between group EMDR and individual EMDR therapy.

Episode FORTy-Five  

Underfunctioning is when people take on little responsibility and seek help or advice excessively, while overfunctioning refers to a person's attempts to calm tension by taking on responsibilities beyond their capacity and jurisdiction, such as managing others' schedules, behaviours and decision-making. Tune in to episode 45 of the Restore Your Peace podcast to learn more about under and over-functioning.

Episode FORTy-six  

Play therapy will benefit children who face bullying, separation anxiety, difficulty regulating emotions, and other stressful life events. Play therapy allows children and adolescents experiencing emotional or behavioural issues to open up their emotions in the safe space of the 'playroom', where they can face their thoughts and feelings nonverbally. On the 46th episode of Restore Your Peace podcast, Our children and Adolescent Therapist, Nancy Gay, shares more about play therapy and what typically happens during play therapy sessions. 

Episode FORTy-seven  

Listed in DSM 5 in the social anxiety section as a performance only specifier, Performance anxiety affects our ability to perform tasks. On the 47th episode of Restore Your Peace Podcast, Rose Faquir, the Clinical Director of Restoring Peace, shared what causes performance anxiety, ways to manage it and how therapies, like Brainspotting, can help reduce the performance anxiety.

Episode FORTy-eight  

Anxiety is a natural response to stressful situations, but intense and frequent anxiety can have aversive effects on our well-being and relationships. Counselling and psychotherapy are effective treatments for anxiety, and there are coping techniques that can help. On the 48th episode of Restore Your Peace Podcast, we'll be sharing more about anxiety - what it is, how it affects us, and ways we can manage it. Tune in to find out more. 

Episode FORTy-Nine

On the 49th episode of Restore Your Peace Podcast, we explore the similarities and differences between ADHD and trauma. Adverse childhood experiences and neurobiological conditions like ADHD can cause similar symptoms, making it challenging to differentiate if our behaviour is a trauma response or otherwise. While trauma is a response to distressing events that can significantly affect daily functioning, ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterised by difficulty concentrating, sustaining attention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. Tune in here to listen more.

Episode Fifty

On episode 50 of our Restore Your Peace podcast, we invited Daphne Chan, who is doing her internship with us as a trainee counsellor, to share more about her cross-cultural experiences from her time abroad as well as share some invaluable lessons she has learned throughout her personal and professional journey in the field of counselling. Tune in to listen more.

Episode FiftY-ONE

On episode 51 of our Restore Your Peace podcast, we invited Counsellor Geraldine Chua to share more about her parenting experiences and tips for building healthy parent and child relationships. Tune in to listen more.

Episode FiftY-two

The capacity to manage emotions can enhance our effectiveness and relationship at work. It helps us to be more optimistic, focused, and resilient. In our latest episode of the Restore Your Peace podcast, Senior Therapist Lena Chew, who specialises in Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), Short-term Counselling and Expressive Therapy, shares the way our survival instincts affect our emotions and the strategies to regulate emotions effectively in the workplace.

Episode FiftY-three

Short-term counselling is helpful for individuals who need help addressing current challenges and learning skills to deal with the issue. In our latest Restore Your Peace Podcast, Our Senior Therapist, Lena Chew, who specialises in short-term counselling and Expressive Therapy, gives us a brief insight on short-term therapy for relationship challenges. Tune in to find out more.

Episode FiftY-FOUR

Grief is a natural response to loss: whether it is the loss of a loved one to death, relationship, pregnancy, job or way of life. In this week's episode, Abigail Yang, a Senior Therapist at Restoring Peace, shares more about individual and group grief therapy and how it can play a pivotal part of the grieving process. Abigail is a certified Grief Therapist and works with individuals and families for anticipatory grief, bereavement and various types of grief.

Episode FiftY-five

Filial play coaching is a family therapy intervention that empowers parents to bring about positive changes in their children and themselves through Play. In this episode, Tsui Ling, a senior therapist at Restoring Peace, explains more about the process of this intervention and how families can benefit from it. Tune in to find out more. 

Episode FiftY-SIX

Anxious attachment (also known as anxious ambivalent attachment) develops in early childhood and is often the result of misattuned and inconsistent parenting. Children with insecure, anxious attachment often grow up with low self-esteem and intense fear of rejection or abandonment, which leads to difficulty maintaining healthy relationships.

On this episode of the Restore Your Peace podcast, Shi Lim, a counsellor at Restoring Peace, explains the co-relationship between low self-esteem and an anxious attachment style and shares tips on regulating the anxious attachment in relationships. 

Episode FiftY-seven

Parenting in the 21st century has undergone a profound transformation, shaped by rapid technological advancements, family structures, and shifting societal expectations. Parents face unique challenges and opportunities in this era as they navigate the digital age and engage in more open and inclusive discussions about parenting styles, roles, and responsibilities. In this episode, Lena Soh, a senior therapist with Restoring Peace, shares more about the topic and her insights into her parenting journey.

Episode FiftY-eight

Parenting support groups are vital for parents navigating the challenging yet rewarding journey of raising children. These groups offer a safe and nurturing space where mums and dads can mutually share experiences, seek advice, and find comfort in knowing they're not alone in their parental struggles. In this episode, Lena Soh, a senior therapist with Restoring Peace, shares more about the benefits of parenting support groups and her experiences from the perspective of a parent and facilitator.

Episode FiftY-nine

In the fast-paced and demanding corporate world, individuals often find themselves navigating many challenges that can significantly impact their mental well-being. Joining us in this week's episode is Geri, an intern at Restoring Peace, who will enlighten us with her firsthand experiences in manoeuvring through the stressors inherent in the corporate world and discuss the crucial role that counselling has played in her journey. Listen to the full episode below. 

Episode sixty

Navigating the complexities of a romantic relationship can be both exhilarating and challenging for dating couples. Providing support and guidance becomes crucial in this dynamic journey of love, understanding, and growth. Helping couples navigate the ups and downs involves fostering open communication, encouraging empathy, and promoting compromise. In this week's episode, we have Geraldine Chua, a relationship therapist, to share more on helping dating couples navigate the ups and downs of dating relationships.

Episode sixty-ONE

Trauma is a deeply personal and often misunderstood aspect of human existence. It can stem from a variety of sources, including childhood experiences, violence, natural disasters, or even systemic oppression. Its impact reverberates through our lives, profoundly influencing our thoughts, emotions, and relationships. In this week's episode, Rose, Restoring Peace's founder and clinical director, shares tips on seeking trauma-informed therapy and supporting loved ones facing mental health challenges. Rose has over a decade of experience as a clinician, and her credentials include being a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Clinical Supervisor, Certified EMDR Therapist, Substance Abuse Therapist, and Expressive Art Therapist. She provides therapy to individual youth and adults dealing with multiple complex traumas, personality disorders, anxiety, eating disorders, grief, and depression.

Episode sixty-TWO

In this week's episode, find out more about journeying with those going through a period of grief and loss, understanding more about the process and how we can support them. Lena is a certified Grief Therapist and works with both individuals and groups. She has written several grief-coping resources, including a remembrance toolkit. Lena’s work has been featured in several media, including Salt and Light and the Straits Times. 

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