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Restore Your Peace

Episode FiftY-six

Anxious attachment (also known as anxious ambivalent attachment) develops in early childhood and is often the result of misattuned and inconsistent parenting. Children with insecure, anxious attachment often grow up with low self-esteem and intense fear of rejection or abandonment, which leads to difficulty maintaining healthy relationships.

On this episode of the Restore Your Peace podcast, Shi Lim, a counsellor at Restoring Peace, explains the co-relationship between low self-esteem and an anxious attachment style and shares tips on regulating the anxious attachment in relationships.

Episode FiftY-seven

Parenting in the 21st century has undergone a profound transformation, shaped by rapid technological advancements, family structures, and shifting societal expectations. Parents face unique challenges and opportunities in this era as they navigate the digital age and engage in more open and inclusive discussions about parenting styles, roles, and responsibilities. In this episode, Lena Soh, a senior therapist with Restoring Peace, shares more about the topic and her insights into her parenting journey.

Episode FiftY-eight

Parenting support groups are vital for parents navigating the challenging yet rewarding journey of raising children. These groups offer a safe and nurturing space where mums and dads can mutually share experiences, seek advice, and find comfort in knowing they're not alone in their parental struggles. In this episode, Lena Soh, a senior therapist with Restoring Peace, shares more about the benefits of parenting support groups and her experiences from the perspective of a parent and facilitator.

Episode FiftY-nine

In the fast-paced and demanding corporate world, individuals often find themselves navigating many challenges that can significantly impact their mental well-being. Joining us in this week's episode is Geri, an intern at Restoring Peace, who will enlighten us with her firsthand experiences in manoeuvring through the stressors inherent in the corporate world and discuss the crucial role that counselling has played in her journey. Listen to the full episode below. 

Episode sixty

Navigating the complexities of a romantic relationship can be both exhilarating and challenging for dating couples. Providing support and guidance becomes crucial in this dynamic journey of love, understanding, and growth. Helping couples navigate the ups and downs involves fostering open communication, encouraging empathy, and promoting compromise. In this week's episode, we have Geraldine Chua, a relationship therapist, to share more on helping dating couples navigate the ups and downs of dating relationships.

Episode sixty-ONE

Trauma is a deeply personal and often misunderstood aspect of human existence. It can stem from a variety of sources, including childhood experiences, violence, natural disasters, or even systemic oppression. Its impact reverberates through our lives, profoundly influencing our thoughts, emotions, and relationships. In this week's episode, Rose, Restoring Peace's founder and clinical director, shares tips on seeking trauma-informed therapy and supporting loved ones facing mental health challenges. Rose has over a decade of experience as a clinician, and her credentials include being a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Clinical Supervisor, Certified EMDR Therapist, Substance Abuse Therapist, and Expressive Art Therapist. She provides therapy to individual youth and adults dealing with multiple complex traumas, personality disorders, anxiety, eating disorders, grief, and depression.

Episode sixty-TWO

In this week's episode, find out more about journeying with those going through a period of grief and loss, understanding more about the process and how we can support them. Lena is a certified Grief Therapist and works with both individuals and groups. She has written several grief-coping resources, including a remembrance toolkit. Lena’s work has been featured in several media, including Salt and Light and the Straits Times. 

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