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Geraldine Chua
Trainee Counsellor

Masters in Counselling (candidate, TCA College) 

Bachelors in Psychology

(Meijigakuin University)

Geraldine grew up in a challenging family. The painful experiences motivated her to study counselling to become a people helper. She is passionate about journeying with people to build healthy relationships. Geraldine believes that a good relationship adds meaning and purpose to one's life. She also believes in discovering individual uniqueness when addressing their needs and struggles.


Geraldine is a mother of two young adults. It helps her connect with the challenges of parenting children in their youth. She understood that communication plays an integral part in the parent-child relationship. The parenting experience helps Geraldine relate to both the parents and the children.


Geraldine stayed in Japan for six years, speaks Japanese and graduated with a psychology degree in Japan. Her intercultural experience studying in Japan and working with people with different cultures and nationalities in the corporate sector enable her to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. She is also a keen learner.

Therapeutic Approaches:

Person-Centered Therapy


Currently unavailable to take on new clients

Consultation fee: Please refer to https://www.restoringpeace.com.sg/fees

Language: English, Mandarin, Japanese