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Geri Lim
Trainee Counsellor

Master of Counselling

(Candidate, Monash University

Geraldine's background in e-commerce partnership management equips her with a deep understanding of human dynamics and the art of nurturing meaningful relationships. Her experiences have honed her empathetic capabilities, allowing her to connect with individuals profoundly. 


As a mother of two young children, Geraldine's life provides first-hand insight into the intricacies of family and personal growth. Her passion is understanding diverse experiences and guiding individuals through life's challenges to enhance their well-being.


Outside her professional life and motherhood, Geraldine finds solace in exercise and reading books. These pursuits reflect her commitment to self-improvement and balance, qualities she shares with her clients. Her compassionate and empathetic approach and extensive relationship management background create a secure space for clients to navigate life's complexities, relationship issues, and personal growth.

Therapeutic Approaches:

Person-Centred Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Type of cases she sees:

Anxiety, Depression, Decision-Making, Non-Suicidal Grief, Relationship Challenges (Individual Session), and Stress.



Consultation fee: Please refer to

Language: English

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