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Managing your anxiety

Research shows that people who struggle with addictions and delinquency had witnessed or experienced some form of violence, harsh disciplines or emotional abandonment when they were younger (McGoldrick & Garcia-Preto, 2013). They turned to delinquency or addictions to find temporary respite from their pain and quench their loneliness.

Not all children who experience some form of violence, harsh disciplines or loneliness would turn to delinquency or addictions. In my therapy room, I encountered many childhood trauma survivors who did very well in their studies. However, unprocessed childhood trauma began to surface when they encounter setbacks. The type of lapses varies. It includes but not limited to challenges with friends or love relationship, starting the first job, or negative feedback by their superior. This experience often triggers the past and cause a high level of anxiety. Quite often, it also leads to social phobia.

Supposed you notice that you are frequently on high alert, sensing danger, feeling inadequate and fearful, please seek professional help as early as possible, before it escalated and cause more harm to your relationship, and yourself.

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