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Online Therapy: Credible Alternative to The in Person Meeting

In an era dominated by digital connectivity, mental health care has undergone a transformative shift, with online therapy emerging as a valuable and accessible resource. As the virtual landscape becomes increasingly prevalent, the benefits of online talk therapy are becoming more apparent. Although some people question the efficacy, numerous compelling reasons support the viability of this digital approach as an alternative to meeting in person.

Online therapy provides unique advantages that go beyond traditional in-person sessions. Its accessibility breaks down geographical barriers, allowing individuals to access mental health support from anywhere. Online therapy is a resource, especially for those unable to meet in person for various constraints. The virtual setting is beneficial for individuals who are hesitant about being seen visiting a therapist, hold a job with a sensitive nature, are frequent travellers, are immobile or live in an area with limited resources in seeking therapy. Eliminating travel time further enhances accessibility, creating a more stress-free therapeutic experience.

Research has argued that the therapeutic alliance formed through online sessions can be as strong as its face-to-face counterpart. Thus, online platforms can provide a comfortable space for individuals to express their thoughts and emotions. Sharing from the comfort of one's home also helps reduce discomfort in sharing sensitive information, leading to more effective therapeutic outcomes.

Online therapy brings accessibility, effectiveness, and convenience, making it a valuable option in today's mental health landscape. However, while research validates the effectiveness of online therapy, not everyone is suitable for online therapy sessions due to the lack of privacy at home or the complexity of the trauma. There is also a question on the credibility of the online service provider. Therefore, individuals choosing online therapy are encouraged to check the qualifications and legitimacy of the therapist's credentials before embarking on the online sessions. It is also essential to ensure privacy in the room where the online therapy takes place. With confidentiality and the right therapist, online therapy can be as effective as in-person therapy.

Restoring Peace is a private mental health centre providing counselling and psychotherapy services for mental health and relationship challenges in person and online. Our counsellors and psychotherapists work with children, adolescents, youths and adult individuals, couples and groups facing anxiety, depression, grief, low self-esteem, PTSD, trauma, and other life difficulties. For more information, please visit or WhatsApp at +65 8889 1848. For periodic updates, we invite you to join our telegram group:

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