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Strength-based Approach to Trauma Counselling

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Exercise is tough. It is especially discouraging when I was the last to finish the circuit. Very often, I feel like giving up. However, I am still attending the class, which I started 2 years ago because of the encouragement by my fitness instructor, Toni Finan from Boot Camp Singapore. Toni believes no matter how weak her trainees are, there is hope for improvement.

As a counsellor, I believe my clients have the internal capacity and resilient to pull through their challenges. My role is to support my clients to identify their God-given internal strength to support my clients in their journey towards psychological and emotional healing.

No matter how traumatic our client’s experience, how depleted they may be, and how many mistake they have made, I made it a point to discover what they have done well.

It might seem small or insignificant, it may seem irrelevant. but it is give hope to my client recovery journey. It is especially important in counselling clients who have experience trauma in their life.

It is not false affirmation, it is positive asset search, it is an alternative story,

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