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Curry Chicken and Counselling

It's been almost two months since Jennifer, Lynn, Caroline, Irah, and Gordon joined us. I am enjoying supervising the interns and glad that their clients found them helpful. I have been conducting supervision for more than five years, but it is the first time that Restoring Peace can host the placement. It is because Restoring Peace moved into a bigger venue in town in December 2020.

While supervising Gordon and Lynn recently, I realised that I was open to sharing my knowledge with them without being afraid that they might become better than me. I felt encouraged to discover that I was not holding back because it reflects my confidence as a person and supervisor. Growing up, I used to have low self-esteem and afraid that people might surpass me. I am encouraged that my past issues did not hinder me as a clinical supervisor.

I continue to reflect on the experience while cooking yesterday. I started cooking at the age of twelve and often hear people say that the chef would hold back some secret when they share their recipe for fear that someone may cook better. I used to believe the theory, but as I reflected on it, I realised that it might just be the case of two different hands. My sister is a great cook. She and I cook delicious traditional food like chicken curry and sambal prawns. Still, even though we may use similar ingredients, the food tastes slightly different. They taste equally good, but not the same.

When I was a new counsellor, I was assigned a supervisor who seemed to have low confidence. She only stayed with one theory and discouraged all her supervisees from learning new approaches. She disallowed us from using our learning if she was not familiar with it. We stunted under her supervision. Thankfully, I had lecturers who generously share their experience, and I flourish under them. I promised myself that I would be like them when I become a supervisor. They motivated me to grow and develop my style and niche. They are my role model of "giving generously to the next generation of learners".

Sharing generously with my supervisees is a journey of overcoming poor self-esteem and fear of losing out. There is nothing to be afraid of in sharing one's knowledge. Just as how a chicken curry or sambal prawns cooked by two cooks will never taste the same, so two counsellors will never be the same, even when they attend the same training. Everyone will have their uniqueness. Jennifer, Lynn, Gordon, Caroline, and Irah will develop their style and individuality though they share the same supervisor. So as my other supervisees who are not their placement with Restoring Peace. They will develop their technique and uniqueness too.

I am enjoying supervising the interns, and I am learning from them too. Maybe not in the area of doing counselling, but in other areas. Learning is interactive.

I hope more people will step forward to seek counselling from our interns. They are still studying, but I can assure you that they have quality. They are good in the areas that consistent with their learning stage, and I am here to support them.

Our interns can see clients with issues of mild depression, anxiety, stress, and relationship.

Rose Faquir

Clinical Director

Restoring Peace Counselling and Consultancy

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