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Complimentary Counselling

Updated: May 20, 2021

The new COVID-19 measures to curbs the virus from spreading took effect today, 16 May 2021. With vaccination in place, the situation was getting better, and life was slowly returning to normal. People who have been affected by the borders restriction were hopeful of the opportunity to travel again. No one expected that there would be new strain and new clusters. While people are aware that the new measures are necessary to curb the COVID-19 spread, it is still discouraging.

I am seeing people who are affected by this new turn of event. So, as part of our social concern, Restoring Peace will provide limited complimentary counselling sessions by our trainee counsellors to the individual affected emotionally by the new COVID-19.*

Please contact us or help us to spread the news to people who may benefit from this announcement.

* Up to 3 sessions

* Until 13 June 2021

* Valid for online session only.

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