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Coping with relationship break-ups

Going through a relationship break-up is hurtful, challenging and emotionally draining. The feelings of sadness, loss, and confusion can often be overwhelming, and sometimes life seems meaningless. Coping with relationship break-ups often brings painful emotions such as sadness, grief, and loss. It may also result in a sense of loneliness and a disrupted social support system. Breakup-related depression, also known as adjustment disorder with depressed moods, often stems from the grief and loss associated with the relationship break-up and the shattered hopes and time invested in the relationship.

While relationship break-ups are often painful, there are times when it also brings relief, especially if the relationship was abusive and painful. While adjusting to being single again can be difficult, it is essential not to rush into another love relationship. It is important to take the time to reflect on what did not work in the previous relationship and how you would like to respond or relate differently in your future relationship. Please take time to reassess your priorities and goals in life. Taking time to reflect and heal will be helpful for personal growth and development.

Engaging in healthy coping strategies, such as exercising, eating, sleeping well, and reaching out to your support network during the healing process, are essential to help you in the healing journey. Another source of support is counselling. A professional therapist can provide you with a safe space to process your emotions and grief related to the relationship break-up, help you gain clarity of the situation, and develop a coping strategy to cope with the post-break-up.

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