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Overcoming fears

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

I baked muffins recently. These muffins are special because this is the first time, I baked without following any recipe.

I used to be afraid of baking. People often said that it is easier than cooking because all you need is to follow the recipe. However, I feel it is harder to follow recipes because a mistake may lead to the entire effort's waste. I finally tried baking during the circuit breaker period when most bakeries were close. I step out of my fear of baking failure because I needed to satisfy my craving for pastries.

Many of us live with fear or trying. It might be the fear of starting a fitness programme, fear of upgrading, starting a business, or starting all over again. The fear of failure often hindered us from taking that critical first steps.

I was reminded of my own experience as a counselling student while supervising an intern recently. I grew up with a sense of "not good enough," and I failed three diplomas in my youth. The fear of failing again was so intense that I felt like giving up during my counselling course. 14.5 years later, I'm thankful that I overcome the fears and pursue my calling to be a professional counsellor, focussing on trauma resolution.

There might always be something that we are afraid of, and we can live with some of them, e.g., fear of crawlies. But we do not have "to stay friends" with fears that hinder us from pursuing our dreams.

I overcame some of my fears, but there are still other fears to be overcome. It is a life long journey, but it starts with the first step. I wish you the courage to start working on the fears that hinder you.


Clinical Director /Founder

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Dec 17, 2022

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