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Short-term Counselling

Short-term counselling has gained significant popularity recently as a practical approach to addressing various counselling issues. In contrast to traditional long-term therapy, short-term counselling is brief and focuses on addressing a single issue the client faces. Short-term counselling usually ranges from six to twelve sessions, in which therapists work collaboratively with their clients in a structured manner to identify and process the issue that the client is facing in a clear and structured way.

Some issues that are suitable for short-term counselling include:

• Minor depression

• adapting to new situations

• relationship challenges

• Career challenges

One of the popular short-term counselling approaches is Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT). These approaches prioritise focusing on solutions rather than dwelling on obstacles or challenges. The Therapist views the clients as the experts of their own lives and collaborates with the client to find solutions to their difficulties. Solution-Focused Therapists help their clients process and find solutions to various issues, such as academic challenges, aggression, anxiety, depression, and relationship challenges. The solution-focused approach integrates elements of positive psychology,

At the onset of SFBT therapy, clients identify a specific goal they wish to achieve. The therapy sessions do not extensively explore the details of the challenges but rather acknowledge and seek to understand them briefly. The focus then shifts to exploring potential solutions. Clients are encouraged to draw upon their past experiences coping with similar issues and identify how they may apply them to the current challenges. By recognising their strengths and resources, clients will feel motivated and empowered to find solutions for their current difficulties.

Short-term counselling is effective for people who want to focus on stabilising against current challenges. It is inadequate to address complex issues such as trauma, PTSD or addictions. However, short-term counselling is helpful for people who want to experience counselling and are unsure where to start. Short-term counselling is also beneficial for people who prefer a structured and focussed approach and those not yet ready to address their deep seated trauma.

Restoring Peace is a private mental health centre serving local and international students, working adults and families from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds. Restoring Peace provides short-term counselling for people who wish to focus on current challenges and psychotherapy services for people facing trauma, depression, anxiety, personality disorder and various mental health challenges. For more information, please visit. or WhatsApp at +65 8889 1848. For periodic updates, we

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