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The Effectiveness of Brainspotting Therapy

When there is a highly stressful or dangerous experience, our brains go into a "freeze" mode to conserve resources for the body as a defence mechanism. The brains then return to normal functioning after the incident is over. However, suppose the experience is highly distressing that the minds cannot process the memories well enough. In that case, the memories become "stuck" at the subconscious or unconscious level. The unprocessed traumatic memories affect physical and mental well-being. Founded by Dr David Grand, brainspotting is an alternative therapy that effectively processes trauma memories. It works through identifying, processing and releasing the core psychological and neurological source of emotional pain. The brainspotting therapists help their clients locate the "brain spots", i.e., the focal point when physical discomfort is the strongest. As the therapist facilitates the client to focus on that brain spot, the brain releases healing to the disturbing memory and its associated thoughts, emotions and sensations.

Brainspotting differs from Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a well-known therapy that focuses on healing traumatic memories. Both brainspotting and EMDR use the eyes and eye movements. However, with EMDR, the client is guided to move their eyes from side to side. With brainspotting, the therapist pays special attention to specific locations where the client's eyes automatically go. Brainspotting was developed more recently compared to EMDR and therefore has lesser research done on it. However, brainspotting practitioners claimed that their clients reported having achieved faster results in processing deep-seated trauma using brainspotting. While the debate continues whether brainspotting is more effective than EMDR, both treatment modalities are customizable and cater to each individual's unique needs and preferences. Therefore, it might be helpful to consult someone trained in both modalities to process your traumatic experiences.

Brainspotting can be used to treat a variety of mental health challenges due to the far-reaching effects that trauma has. Some are:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Performance Enhancement

  • Substance abuse

  • PTSD

  • Chronic Pain

Restoring Peace Counselling & Consultancy offers brainspotting and EMDR therapy, and other psychological services. For more information, please visit or Whatsapp us at +65 8889 1848.

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