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Counselling With a Trainee

Updated: May 5, 2022

You have been considering seeking counselling but cannot afford to see a professional counsellor. You read about counselling services offered by interns. But who are the interns, and is it safe to seek counselling from them?

Interns are trainee counsellors. They are students of Masters or Graduate Diploma in Counselling programme, serving an internship with a mental health agency to practice the skills they are learning in the counselling school. These trainee counsellors must be under the supervision of a professional, experienced clinical supervisor.

Trainee counsellors have been equipt with basic counselling skills and theories before being placed on internship. Therefore, the trainee counsellors are often competent enough to provide counselling for relationship and mental health issues that are low risk.

As they are still studying, the trainee counsellors cannot provide counselling for cases with complex trauma and severe mental health challenges because they have yet to learn the skills. However, some people with complex trauma may consult a trainee counsellor for other issues.

The trainee counsellors differ from para counsellors or lay counsellors, who are generally (though not necessarily) people who provide counselling voluntarily.

You may consider consulting a trainee counsellor if you would like to experience counselling and the issues you are facing are low risk. However, if the trainee counsellor assesses that the case you bring is beyond their competency, the trainee counsellor may advise you to seek therapy from a professional instead.

Restoring Peace Counselling and Consultancy offers counselling services by our trainee counsellors. Our trainees are supervised by our SAC Registered Clinical Supervisor.

To book an appointment with our trainee counsellors, please visit or Whatsapp us at +65 8889 1848.

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